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Oct 20 2012

Free Falling?

I finally feel a little settled in here. I’m teaching seventh grade science at a middle school.
When I see my friends write about how “hard” college is. I just want to laugh, laugh, laugh. Every single day, I wake up a 6, teach all day, deal with 156 12 year-old’s weird cuts, weird digestive problems, mouth breathing, mess making, and general insanity. Oh and my “break”? I get to each lunch with 12 year olds too. Every day. Lunch with 12 year olds. Think about it for like one second, then say your thanks to the lord.
The first nine weeks have been impossibly hard. There were entire weeks where I was so anxious that I could not sleep. There were many mornings of dreading going into work. I remember too many times sitting at my desk before the homeroom bell rang and thinking, oh please no. But things are manageable.…

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Jun 18 2012

The chinese food isn’t that terrible

My Cousin Vinny is a family favorite. If you haven’t seen it, you need to.  The culture clash of the fast-talking northerner and the rural southerner really hit home with my family because we lived in New Jersey, but visited Tennessee often. We love it. To this day, my family still quotes bits of it…

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